Roger's Backyard Nursery
Cranesville, PA


About the Nursery

We are a small licensed and inspected backyard nursery that propagates and grows perennials and shrubs for your landscape. We are located in Cranesville, Pennsylvania. We are in the southwestern corner of Erie County, just a little north of the Crawford County line. We do wholesale and retail sales at our location.

We are open to the public. Everything is safe for our growing zone of 5b/6a. All plants and shrubs are grown in our own backyard. We grow flowering shrubs like Weigelas, Spireas, Potentillas, Butterfly Bushes, and more. We have several varieties of Coral Bells as well as many different Hostas, both great for a more shady area in your yard. Ornamental Grasses, Euonymus varieties, Arborvitaes and Junipers are grown here as well as popular ground covers such as Angelina and Dragon's Blood Sedums. We also grow some native shrubs and perennials such as Cardinal Flower and Viburnums. Many, many more things growing around here, too many to list. Stop in and see for yourself. Everything is available at our home at 10393 Crane Street, Cranesville, PA.

We are now closed for the year. It was another fantastic year of sales. I want to thank everyone that stopped in this year and helped to make that possible. I hope that all those plants that left here have found their new homes to their liking and grow and prosper in the coming years. That is the best part about perennial plants, they keep coming back for another year with more growth, color and flowering. A single purchase that can be enjoyed over and over again. Now we are preparing our plants for the coming cold weather and winter. We hope to see all of you here again in the Spring.

We grow Arborvitaes to Yuccas and many between. Blackberries, grapes, flowers, shrubs, trees and vines.

We started growing plants in our yard back in 2005. Our 100 year old home needed some sprucing up in the yard. Small beds of several perennials and shrubs soon took shape. As more and more plants were added, small beds started to merge and become the larger beds that are now in the yard.

We have over 400 different varieties of plants that grow in our yard at some time during the year. Snowdrops, Crocus and Forsythia as well as Hellebores start the year off with blooms, sometimes before the snow is done. Pussy Willows are showing their decorative catkins. Daffodils, Hyacinths, Tulips and Redbuds continue the show while several of the Spireas start to strut their stuff. By late Spring, the yard is bursting with growth and color.

Over 60 named varieties of Hosta start their growth for the year with different shades of green, white, yellow and chartreuse. The Weigelas and Potentillas are covered in new growth and will soon be covered in flowers for several weeks. The fun and enjoyment of having a yard full of plants is starting to reach its ultimate time.

The nursery was started in the Spring of 2011. Several additional varieties of shrubs were added to increase the number of choices available for sale. Over 100 varieties of plants and shrubs are now propagated right here in our backyard from the plants growing in our yard. That gives you, the Customer, the unusual opportunity to buy plants that are actually propagated and grown right where they are bought. They are not grown in a greenhouse somewhere and shipped to our area for sale. The plants grow and survive here and are safe for our growing zone.

If you are interested in seeing our yard full of plants, just stop by or call. We are happy to give a personal or group tour of the yard and nursery. Viewing plants from "baby" rooted cuttings to small "teenage" plants to mature shrubs or flowers is something most people don't get to witness. It is amazing even to us how nature keeps on keeping on.

Plants are for sale starting in the Spring from the front yard. We bring many of the varieties available up front to show them off and sell them. Once they wake up and start their growth for the year, they are available for sale. Different plants wake at different times so the variety changes as Spring progresses. Quantities are limited, so it is best to stop early and often to see what is available.

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