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Perennial plants are flowers or leafy plants that return each year, usually bigger and better than the year before. Some may die back, or lose their foliage, after a frost or cold period in the fall, but they grow back from the roots in the spring. It is their roots that are cold hardy. Others are known as evergreen and will keep their leaves through winter. The leaves usually lose some of their best green color, but that returns with the new growth in the spring. Flowering is usually for a shorter time period than annuals, but some can be cut back or deadheaded for more blooms. The plants usually look good on their own merits.

Perennials help make up the bulk of a landscape that uses beds for plantings. Whether it is a flower bed along your house, an island bed located somewhere in your yard, or just an area under or around some trees, perennials fit the bill. If you want colorful flowers or just some standout foliage, there are perennials that will work. Some prefer sunny locations and others prefer to be in the shade.

We grow many different kinds of perennials in our yard. Many types of those have several different varieties also. We propagate and sell about 20 different types of perennial plants. There are many varieties for some of them though. Coral Bells and Hostas are a couple that we offer in several varieties. We grow over 40 named varieties of Hosta in our yard, several of which we propagate. They are known more for their foliage than their flowers. They are both nice for the shady locations. Ornamental Grasses are another popular perennial and we have several varieties here to choose from. Garden Phlox, Daylilies and Irises are popular perennial flowers and we carry several options. Hens and Chicks, Stonecrops, or Sedums, including Angelina and Dragon's Blood, make nice groundcovers.

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